Almonte bike restoration at the Almonte Bicycle Works

An example of an old favourite (ridden by the owner for more than 35 years) given the Beauty Bike treatment. Click on image to enlarge.

Almonte Bicycle Works not only sells restored Beauty Bicycles but also offers a full restoration service.

Before buying a new bike why not bring in your old two-wheeled “friend” that served you so well and see about having it restored and (or) upgraded – create your own Beauty! And please check your basement, garage, shed or attic because you may just have a diamond-in-the-rough that you or someone else might enjoy once it has been brought back to life or “Beautified”!

Frames are powder-coated or liquid painted in a wide spectrum of colours, and the original components are restored whenever possible and upgraded or replaced if necessary or desired. Check the gallery of photographs.

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